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There are many reasons and causes on why a person is suffering from too much pain in their lower back. Some of them could have and get this from Chiropractic Albany OR and other factors may affect and may lead to some serious kinds of conditions. A lot of people even younger ones are having this dilemma throughout their lives. While a bigger percentage comes from adult and older people. Sometimes, we don’t know where do this pain comes from. But there could great ways and steps to stop them from feeling the pain and have a good life. It is up to you if you want to take some pills and medicine to relieve the pain and not to experience it again for days. It is your chance now to know the best way for you to get away and suffer from this painful experience.  


  1. You can actually feel better when you put and compress your back with cold or ice pack. Or if you don’t have one then you can put some ice into the towel and fold it and leave it behind to your back. Do it for 30 minutes for six times every day and it gives you a good feeling after a week. Don’t put directly the ice pack to your skin. You may use an old cloth or towel to wrap the ice pack and then that is the time you put or place it to your lower back.  
  2. After a week of doing the cold compress, you may not change to a new one which is the hot compress. Just do it, if your lower back is still painful. You can buy a heating pad to be used for this. Don’t think about the expenses and price. Think more of the comfort and the great help that it can bring to you. But if you are out of budget to get this one. You may use lukewarm water and soak your old cloth or towel there and then squeeze it then applies to your back.  
  3. If you are having a lot of things to do that you can’t take a rest or do the steps above. Then you may visit a doctor or go the pharmacy and ask for an over the counter medicine for back pain.  
  4. If you don’t have anything to do on weekend. Then giving yourself a break to relax like having a massage done by professional therapist. Professional people under this field could give the best remedy and could easily find which part is painful and they can manipulate it to make you feel better and at the same time relaxed.  
  5. In order for you not to suffer from this again. Try to give yourself a time to exercise. You may do some simple stretching and exercises.  Have yourself a comfortable bed and foam to sleep as well. 
  6. Don’t sit for a longer time. Try to stand up and walk every after 30 mins. This will help to get away from getting back pain.  

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