Drone Safety Tips for Your Kids  

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Drones are not just for the young ones, but also for the young at heart. For fathers and sons, drones can be the best thing since the remote-control helicopters. Everybody in the family can actually enjoy flying the cool lightweight unmanned aerial vehicles. Before drone were used by the military for surveillance and even weapon import. Today it’s one of the best toys, and it can be used to set drone base videography and photography. This kind of hobby and playtime toy with your kids and family can bring so much fun, but are you aware of some risk and safety tips you must follow?  

Drone Safety

You can easily enroll your kids to Kids drone training Johannesburg near you and have them learn the mechanisms and how to navigate properly your personal drones. It’s a good summer class too, to keep them occupied. But, it is also important that you as an adult also now the drone safety tips to follow to keep your family and kids safe when flying your personal drones:  

Register Your Drones  

If you have a personal drone and if your country requires registering them, then you should. Registering them means you are following the safety rules and the right weight of purchasing a type of drone. Operating drone is sensitive and you could violate some civil aviation laws if you do not properly register them. You could also be a potential threat to privacy if you do not register them.  

Inform Your Family and Kids of The Rules  

Your whole family especially your kids must know the rules and the basic do’s and don’ts of flying drones. Let them know that there are certain places and weather conditions that you cannot fly your drones. Also, teach your kids not to fly your drones near people, as this can cause injuries and accidents. Teach them well that even beginner’s drones are easy to fly, they are also easy to crash.  

Always Fly in Open Area  

Drones can fly anywhere, but to avoid invading someone’s privacy and causing injuries, teach your kids and family to fly in open areas. Avoid flying in open spaces with crowded people. It’s also best to avoid trees and towers with electricity. If you are still practicing drones, try to practice on empty spaces and avoid bad weather conditions. Always remember that drones are light, you can lose control with even the slightest wind change. Keep your family and kids informed and have a safe flight.  

Learn and feel the mechanics  

Before any of your kids take your personal drones to a fun flight on a calm sunny day, teach them first the basic controls and also the mechanics. Let them feel the controls first, so they would know the strength of each control and navigate the drone better. Hovering and descending are some of the basics, by letting them feel the control and mechanics they would know how to properly control the drone and also remind them of the basic rules when flying drones.  

Drones are the coolest and you, your family and kids should familiarize these basic safety tips to enjoy and bond together safely with your new personal drone.  

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